Same Old, Same Old? Main Streat Hawkers Market – July 5 2014

I’m a sucker for Hawkers Market. That combination of music, food, drinks, even a bit of art, all combined in a warehouse party space really gets me excited. But the lack of new vendors plus special food selling out way too fast is giving me second thoughts about Hawkers Market. (Also Vancouverites are still way too uptight to dance in public unless they’re plastered.)

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Steel & Oak x Longtail Kitchen: You Got Red Pilsner in My Green Curry! You got Green Curry in my Red Pilsner!

My favourite Thai place, Longtail Kitchen in New West, is finally serving a great local beer on tap, courtesy of New West neighbors Steel & Oak. I wrote about Steel & Oak’s opening a couple weeks ago here and was looking forward to having more of their delicious Red Pilsner with Longtail’s food. Continue reading


Bacon & Beer at Stateside Craft on Commercial Drive

Stateside Craft on Commercial Drive is the “sequel” to Portland Craft on Main Street except instead of just focusing on Oregon and Washington State beers, it’s the entire US! Well, whatever they can get their hands on, that is. Will Stateside Craft rank among the better beer places along Commercial Drive like St. Augustine’s, Biercraft or Tangent Cafe? Will I like it as much as Portland Craft? Stateside Craft are still in their soft-opening phase, but I wanted to check their progress and get some all-you-can-eat bacon with my beer!

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Missing the Mark: Postmark Brewing (Plus Make-Up Sex at Main Street Brewing & Brassneck)

Too bad…I was really looking forward to the opening of Postmark Brewing. Their beers aren’t terrible but they don’t stand out either, which in this increasingly crowded craft beer market in Vancouver just doesn’t cut it. I made up for the lackluster experience by dropping by Main Street Brewing and Brassneck afterwards ;) Continue reading


Fucked Up English & Sweet Nut Soup at Bubble Fruity

CORRECTION: Bubble Fruity DOES serve bubble tea. You just have to ask for the bubble tea menu. But they are best known for their dessert soups. I’m gonna leave the rest of the post as-is, as a testament to my rage, confusion and ignorance.

Want food that looks unappetizing but tastes great? Check out Bubble Fruity on Saba Rd near No. 3 in Richmond. What a name! How does one take two words that have clear meanings separately and mash them together into an impossible to parse mess? Ahhh, Richmond…you’re a never-ending source of Engrish pleasures.

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