Collossal Fried Chicken: Chewies in Kits

Checking out Chewies in Kits.


We were there for brunch on a Sunday, so they had an awesome deal on Fanny Bay oysters…only $1.50 each!!! So we ordered 1/2 doz of Fanny Bay and 1/2 doz of Kusshi. If you can’t get there for weekend brunches, I think they have daily “shuck & suck” from 5-7 for $1.50


Our shucker…apparently “good looking” bleh…but what do I know? Calm down, girls!


Deeeeelicious! The kusshi were $2.75 each to give you an idea of the prices on their regular oysters.

Everything tasted fresh with a good amount of liquor.


Their sauces, which I usually pass on. One of them was habanero!


BBQ shrimp and grits with poached eggs. Pretty strong flavours in the red stuff. Grits reminded Wendy of cream of wheat. I liked the taste/texture a lot. The eggs were great.


My super-duper awesome chicken and waffles. The waffles are basically an afterthought but that doesn’t matter cuz the chicken is so outstanding. More on the chicken later…


Side of biscuits and sausage. The biscuits were a bit on the salty side. Kinda unnecessary if everything else is rich and flavourful. The sausages were just your basic pork breakfast sausage…too bad. I thought they were gonna give us andouille.


Prawn and avocado benny.


Collossal fried chicken! They do a 2-day marinade in buttermilk then batter and deep fry it THEN finish it off in the oven! I think the last step makes the outside CRUNCHY and keeps the inside moist and delicious! Uhhhhhhh, I wanna go back there NOW!

(Actually, I wouldn’t go back to Chewies until TWO YEARS later…things happen…)

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