Hawkers Market – Nov 9 2013

I went to Hawkers Market again. Will there be more people dancing this time? (Rant and ramen burgers at a previous visit here.)


I dragged Wendy here again. It’s like a warehouse party with food and beer! I wish more people danced though. Are Vancouverites really uptight about dancing?


Sweet Pioneer DDJ controller. I think this is the DDJ-T1? Anyways, this guy was a different dj than last time (Chapel Sound collective last time). But he played some great stuff…lots of cool remixes of Little Boots, Empire of the Sun, Gossip, etc. Even played the German version of Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom”!



Speaking of German, they had this German candy truck! They’re going to be at the Christmas Market near QE Theatre downtown this holiday season.


All their flavours.


Woodruff! They put woodruff syrup in Berliner Weiss beer. I tried one. They give you tons of samples. The woodruff tasted mostly sweet to me, with maybe a bit of medicinal fruitiness.


Wendy had no problem accepting more samples.


Enough candy, time for food! We really wanted to try this Malaysian-ish vendor, The Butter Bar.


These looked gorgeous.


Had to try a curry puff. I haven’t had one in years!


We got their Roti Jala (lacy, netty pancakey thing with veggie curry). The roti jala soaks up the curry. It was alright…curry was spicy but tasted a bit “thin”.


So this is the pattern they do to create the Roti Jala!


The curry puff contained mostly potato and a bit of chicken. Pretty mild…uh…actually bland flavour. Eh, can’t win em all.


We also got their purple yam pastry and a 1000 layer cake.


This was great! Pure purple yam inside. Fluffy texture that almost dissolves on your tongue. Flaky pastry too.


1000 layer cake. Not bad. Looks lovely though.


So this guy does work in the downtown eastside, helping teach cooking and life skills to the downtrodden. His food was the best of the night!


Blue Mule’s pork and beans. With a mini empanada on top! It all tasted great together.


Chairman Mao overseeing your purchase of alcohol for the night. They only had Parallel 49’s Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale. It’s a good drinkable beer.


Funny homemade contraption. Steadicam on a budget?


Canadian-Italian sisters doing Pasta Ceci. Didn’t try it…got too full too fast, as usual.


Pulled pork sliders with pickled cucumber and carrot and a dollop of chutney on the side. We liked how they didn’t drown the pork in sauce.


Didn’t get to try Wonton Girl…again!


Looks good though.


Hives for Humanity were there selling their hyper-local honey. Delta Honey was the sweetest. They also had Main St honey, Commercial Drive honey, Burnaby honey, etc.

I had fun eating, drinking and grooving. The DJ was slammin’ but more people gotta dance. Ah well.

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