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Broken Rice specializes in broken rice dishes. It’s a Viet thing, they smash uncooked rice grains until they’re broken then cook them as usual, creating this interesting rice texture. This place is run by the same people that own Green Lemongrass on Kingsway!


TWO housemade ice creams! Coffee and Avocado.


Wendy settled on the Hanoi Style Vermicelli and Grilled Pork.


I chose the Tamarind Prawns on broken rice.


Let’s do their wings too! There’s a choice of sauce. We picked the Uncle Hing’s hot sauce.


And why not, Cassava Fries!


Casava Fries with siracha aioli. Crispy, starchy and delicious. Casava is always a bit drier than potato but it’s a nice change.


Uncle Hing’s Wings with the hot sauce are basically like buffallo wings except with maybe a bit of fish sauce, garlic and sugar…just my guess 🙂 But still super tasty!


Wendy’s vermicelli and pork dish. Take a bit of everything and wrap it in lettuce like a taco and eat!


Almost like a mixed grill. The meat is sitting in a bowl of fish sauce.


Love all the fresh herbs. Such a variety too! Mint, laksa leaf, that purpley stuff, etc.


Tamarind Prawns with red and yellow onions. Sweet, savoury…almost didn’t need the fish sauce, which I used sparingly.


Avocado ice cream for dessert. Wendy loved it. I tried a bit and I could really smell and taste the avocado…that green, vegetal, creamy quality.

Bottom line:

Solid Vietnamese food done a little differently and with a bit more care and attention than your standard Vietnamese restaurant. Worth another visit!

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