Brunch at Farmer’s Apprentice

Holy crap! Farmer’s Apprentice just won a bunch of 2014 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards. Well deserved…although looks like our plans to try dinner are gonna be a lot harder :/

Spur-of-the-moment decision to have brunch at Farmer’s Apprentice, a place that I’ve been wanting to try for a while.


You know I love signboards.


I like the black and white drawings of the veggies.


Let’s just say I overextended myself the night before and wasn’t feeling too good. Hungry but not in the mood for anything too rich and heavy.


I think the guy in the hairbun is the chef/owner. I was served by a very nice woman who I think is the chef’s wife. I’d love to come back with a few people and try their dinner menu.


So I ordered the “heritage squashes in textures, 63°C poached eggs, granola, ambrosia apples and sprouted salad” for $13. I felt so healthy eating this. Beautifully composed and fun to eat. There were ribbons of squash, pieces of roasted squash, spaghetti squash underneath, and squash puree. The crunchy granola added a vital texture component.


The 63°C eggs were definitely the star. I’ve never had any whatever degree eggs before so this was a revelation. The consistency was gel-like and when I cut into it, it sort of held its shape.


Another gratuitous egg shot. The dish was pretty filling but felt very healthy. But I gotta say that the dish appealed to me more intellectually than gastronomically. Polar opposite of my brunch last weekend at Tuc Craft Kitchen 😀

I’d come back to try dinner though! And order more meat…

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