Hangover Cures Part 1: Congee


I grew up eating this stuff, so when I’m feeling not-so-good, it’s so comforting to eat a hot bowl of congee (AKA jook). A childhood taste that helps ease my adult pain 😀

Actually, I think nothing cures a hangover other than time and liquids. But congee is very psychologically comforting for me!


Bowl of not-too-thick, not-too-thin congee with sides of pork fluff and chinese pickled veg.


I’ve always called this stuff pork fluff but it’s sold as “crispy shredded dried pork floss”. I guess it’s like a meat version of cotton candy floss, so there you go. I get the “crispy” version, which I think is more fried than the non-crispy kind. Sometimes you can find pork floss inside of Asian baked goods and weird sushi.


I made this with leftover rice! Just dump it into a rice cooker with lots of water and let it simmer for a couple hours. You can reduce it by opening your rice cooker lid and just letting it boil off to your desired consistency. Some people like thin, runny congee. It depends on my mood but I usually like it in between runnny and gloopy. It’s also fun to mix different kinds of rice like jasmine and short-grain Japanese rice to get a smoother congee. Add salt to taste. DO NOT ADD SOY SAUCE. Why? My mom always said not to 😛 But maggi sauce works though 🙂 I also like to add ground white pepper.


My rice cooker even has a congee (“porridge”) setting. Easy!

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