Alibi Room 500th Tap List Celebration – Part 2

Had such a good time at Alibi Room’s 500th Tap List Celebration, I had to go back a few days later to have some more!


It was my mission to include some food this time. Beast Meatballs?? I love most ground meat foods…sausages, burgers, meatballs, Vietnamese nem nuong 🙂

I got to Alibi Room around 5:30pm on a Wednesday and the place was already buzzing! Goes to show that there’s still a huge demand for good beer in this city.


Yes! Beast Meatballs on Garlic Toast. Looked and smelled great. I liked the variety of mushrooms.


Decent texture. Not too spongy or tightly packed. Seasoning was really good. Flavourful without being salty. Garlic bread turned into a delicously mushy vehicle for the meatballs 🙂


I had to try Four Winds Juxtapose Brett IPA again. I didn’t really love it the first time but the drinkability plus hints of complexity under the surface made me come back. I’ll have to try it in the bottle to compare. I still don’t get a ton of brett though…


Beer stains are beautiful.


L-R: Breakside Suburban Farmhouse Saison, Lighthouse Brewing Sauertieg Sourdough Saison with Spelt, Four Winds Juxtapose Brett IPA.

The Lighthouse was a sweetish saison with a bready character. Bit of a creamy mouthfeel. Not a great saison but interesting to try.

The Breakside “Suburban Farmhouse” on the left was a spoof of another Portland brewery, The Commons, and their “Urban Farmhouse” ale. Hah. Too bad it was just ok. More peppery than other saisons that I tried at this event. Darker colour, a bit heavier than the real Urban Farmhouse Ale. You can’t beat The Commons at their own game!!


Parallel 49 Tricycle Radler. A “radler” is basically beer mixed with pop or juice that’s drunk like a sports drink in Germany, but it’s lower in alcohol, hence the “tricycle” in the name. Harhar… Looks really orangey but I didn’t smell much orange. Basically tasted like watered down orange grapefruit juice but the kicker is that while actual watered down juice would taste disgusting, this tasted quite delicious and refreshing. Like fizzy OJ grapefruit juice.


For my last beer, I had to try once again the Storm Brewing Glacial Mammoth Extinction 30% ABV freeze-distilled Flanders Red Ale. I’ll never get another chance to have this. Musty grape juice aroma, red wine vinegar, “omg is this beer?!”, raisins, prunes… It’s amazing that all these flavours and aromas come out of a beer. The best beer you can only drink 1oz of 😉

The group of women next to me got a round of this beer and drank it in one go like they were doing shots! What a waste!

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