Cookie & Milk Shot Plus More at Hawkers Market – May 10 2014

Glad to see Hawkers Market back for another year of food, music and fun! (Previous posts here and here.) If you’ve never heard of Hawkers Market, it’s basically a warehouse party/rave mashed up with a farmers market/street food festival.

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Ipoh Meh-sian House

The two best Malaysian restaurants in Vancouver right now are probably Penang Delight on Rupert and Kaya Malay Bistro on Broadway. Both good restaurants. The difference in a nutshell: Penang is a bit on the greasy side (sometimes a good thing), Kaya is a bit cleaner and more upscale. Hawker’s Delight is a cheap guilty pleasure too. But I’m always on the hunt for better Malaysian/Singaporean food because it’s one of our favourite cuisines, and one that hasn’t been done justice yet in Vancouver. I heard about Ipoh Asian House on Hastings on Twitter, thanks to Moyenchow:

So naturally we all went to check it out!

BTW, they don’t actually have the real “Ipoh Chicken” dish despite the name. 🙁 Continue reading Ipoh Meh-sian House