33 Acres X JJ’s Trucketeria

I confess that I don’t go to 33 Acres nearly as much as I should. I guess I’ve been too lazy to walk the couple extra blocks from Brassneck… 😛 But after a fun recent trip to 33 Acres, I’ll be visiting them more often!


They have the most design-y and refined style out of all the breweries in Vancouver. Perhaps a little stark and cold like how Scandinavian style can be a little rigid and not warm, but the overall look is growing on me.


Love their big open windows. Great place to sit on a nice day and watch life happen.


They also post the most artistic photos to their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds. I’ve always been impressed.


33 Acres frequently has food trucks, many of the same ones that hit Brassneck. On this particular visit, it was Filipino fusion truck JJ’s Trucketeria. Their website’s not very current, so best to check JJ’s schedule on Street Food App.

You can also view 33 Acres’ food truck schedule here.


The Market Bowl looked like a fresh and healthy option, and quite well-priced too. But I had a hankering for Filipino BBQ pork so I got the BBQ pork “panwich”.


I’m glad that they’re upfront about their pricing. Sad about the increasing cost of raw ingredients though (#limewatch).


33 Acres (usually) has Life and Ocean, but sadly Ocean was out for a week or so. Life reminds me of Anchor Steam (it’s the same style of beer) but it’s not a top choice if I had to drink it without pairing it with food. With certain foods it’s great. But I prefer their Ocean pale ale as an all-around easy drinking beer with tons of accessible citrus hop aromas and flavours.


Their current seasonals. Their Merckx saison just got released.


I’ll have to check out their weekend-only beer-infused waffles soon! I’d love to eat most of the things listed here. Extra reason to come back… Notice that they have EARNEST ICE CREAM?


I’m glad this place is clean.


Water station at the end of the bar. “B33R” shirts for sale too!


The day couldn’t get any better than this!


L-R: 33 Acres of Naturtrüb (Roggen/Bavarian Rye), 33 Acres of Merckx (Saison), 33 Acres of Sunshine (French Blanche) and 33 Acres of Life (California Common/Steam Beer).


The rye beer reminded me of eating rye bread. Lots of hefeweizen-like qualities like banana and cloves, but with spicy rye and dark malt flavours. Quite an intriguing style and would go well with their cheese/meat/pretzel snacks!

The saison was good, it had spicy saison yeast qualities and was not too sweet. I HATE saisons that are too sweet and I’m always glad to find local saisons that don’t skew that way. Alcohol is well-hidden for a 7.6% beer.

Sunshine has a gorgeous pale colour that screams out summer refreshment. Prototypical light ‘n easy beer that has enough flavour to keep you drinking but doesn’t weigh down your palate too much.

33 Acres of Life was consistent as usual. Really a unique style of beer. It’s hoppy, with a certain malt character, but in ways totally different from say an IPA.


Thank you for clean pours!!!


I don’t have much experience with Filipino food. I’ve tried takeout from Goldilocks on Broadway years and years ago but was a bit irked at the vinegar that they like to use on everything. I’ve seen the other local Filipino food truck Fliptop around town, but never actually tried anything from them. But I felt inspired this day and was totally glad I tried JJ’s Trucketeria.


The Filipino BBQ Pork Panwich…a huge mound of pork (could be shoulder) on top of a pandesal bun. The pork had flavours of carmelized dark soy. Not a huge depth of flavour or complexity here…mostly dark soy and pork. But I could see how this simple flavour could be comforting. The bun was a bit sweet and very soft, almost like cotton balls. I didn’t even attempt to eat this like a sandwich. I just forked the pork and ripped off pieces of bun. It was sometimes difficult to stab the fork through the pieces of pork. Next time I’ll bring my portable chopsticks to make it easier to eat 🙂


Partway though, I was thinking that the flavour was getting a bit samey, so I went back to the truck to get a side of their Vinegar Dipping Sauce, and the guys gave it to me for free! Thanks guys!

The dipping sauce totally makes a difference, and adds a vital tangy component. The sauce reminded me of vinegar-based hot sauces, but the spice level was just enough to add excitement and not pain. Without the sauce, the huge mound of pork was a lot to get through, but WITH the sauce, it became very easy to demolish. 🙂

Out of all the beers, 33 Acres of Life went particularly well with the pork. The bitterness and the malt profile just melded and accentuated the pork in all the right ways. The Merckx saison and Sunshine were serviceable pairings, while Naturtrüb threw up some odd juxtapositions in my mouth. But it was all fun and I’d recommend getting a tasting flight to compare and contrast and see what you like!


Finishing off with some Whiskey Hazelnut Ice Cream by Earnest Ice Cream (see this post for more Earnest). Lots of hazelnuts. Nutty, sweet, fresh-tasting milk, kiss of whiskey. I would’ve loved another glass of Naturtrüb (roggen/bavarian rye) to go with this, but it was still too bright out to get blasto 😛

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  1. Thanks, eventually I would like to suggest some more local specific pairings (example Beast & Brine Double Smoked Bacon). I’ll have to try some of the foods / places you have posted about for some inspiration there.

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