Lunch Quickie: Kick Ass Rice (yes, it’s called that on the menu) at Le Tigre Cuisine Food Truck

If memory serves me correctly, Le Tigre were part of the second wave of food trucks from the great Vancouver food truck experiment that the city let happen back in 2010-2012. Glad to see the truck still doing well and that they’re finally gonna open up a brick & mortar place in Chinatown in May. The truck already serves restaurant-quality food and it’ll be exciting to see what Top Chef Canada Clement Chan and team will do with a full restaurant.


No strangers to the social media game. Miso Chowder was sold out this day but no biggie cuz there’s plenty of other options.


I’ve always wanted to try their fried chicken, That “Fricken” Chicken.


Kick Ass Rice, one of the original Le Tigre dishes, is still around. First time I tried it (we’re talking almost 3 years ago), they served me hard rice that had me shaking my head. I think I tried them only once more since then. But this one guy at work LOVES them so much and always gets the Kick Ass Rice. I always see him hunched over (cuz he’s tall) his bowl of rice, egg and meat, eating it with a (relatively) tiny spoon, so I guess I should give it another shot.


I love my food with a side of expletives. Food has to be exciting and hit you gastronomically and emotionally enough to make you say, “SHIIIT, DAYYUMMM, FUUUUCK!!!” That said, I’d have to try these Angry Kitty Cat Squares next time cuz I already ordered more than enough food.


They still totally have a kitty theme. Everyone that works there wears kitty-inspired glasses.

Never mind the case of Dead Frog beer. That was someone else’s. I couldn’t warn them in time before they made their awful mistake.


That “Fricken” Chicken. Marinated deep fried chicken pieces, with fried garlic & shallots plus herbs on top. Served with spicy mayo.


There were also bits of Thai basil in amongst the cilantro. Really great herby kick that tasted great with the chicken. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Thai basil flavour matched with fried chicken before. Really tasty. It’s easy to love.

Only negative is the slightly dry, over-fried meat. But chefs gotta be careful, right? Especially if you knew how chickens are processed in North America… But still, I’d personally choose a “hint of pink” over something that spent a minute too long in the fryer 😉


Kick Ass Rice with pork belly, poached egg, herbs and chilies.


Apparently they cook the meat in sake, butter, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaf, but I think also soy sauce has got to be in there too. I could do without the spicy mayo that they seem to put on everything. I already have fatty pork belly to enjoy, I don’t need extra mayo on that 😛 I will ask them to leave it out next time.


Every element was well-executed. No complaints. The egg yolk just oozed over my sauce-kissed rice and lovingly tender pork belly.

It was a bit of an extravagant lunch for me at $18, but it’s a lot of food and I brought most of the fried chicken home for Wicca 🙂 I salute anyone who can eat the whole bowl of Kick Ass Rice cuz they do give you a lot of rice.

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