Celebrating 5 Years of Pork: Swinefest 2015 at Hog Shack in Steveston

Hog Shack just celebrated it’s 5th anniversary on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015 with Swinefest, a “competition-style” barbecue buffet that included a glass of Driftwood’s fresh hop Sartori Harvest for only $35! It was a sweet deal that probably flew under a lot of people’s radar, but it sold out well ahead of time anyways. We were there to celebrate and indulge, so here’s the recap. Enjoy!


We’ve been to Hog Shack a couple times and enjoy their bbq well enough, but they seem to be hitting their stride with a big bbq competition win back in September at the BBQ Off the Bypass.


Swinefest was announced on their Facebook page about a month beforehand, and sold out within a week.


Hah. Take it to Yelp, you whiny assholes! 😀 Just kidding…


They had 5 beers on that night, including the coveted Driftwood Sartori Harvest Fresh Hop IPA.


We not only got a beer included in the ticket price, but also a copy of their beer journals.


If you’re familiar with the 33 Bottles of Beer journals, this is the same idea.


We also got a free bottle of their bbq sauce! Tax, tip, freebies, meat, and beer for only $35! Killer deal!


Driftwood Sartori Harvest. It’s a good beer but it’s been better in previous years. I think Yellow Dog showed everyone this year how great fresh hop beers can be with their Fresh Hop Play Dead IPA and Alpha Dog Pale Ale:




The owner, John, smoked a whole suckling pig to celebrate.


As Destiny’s Child says, “Can you handle this?” 😉


He seems to be livin’ the dream — a smoky, feverish meat dream.


Hog Shack always has a small but good craft beer selection that brings out the craft beer nerds.


The buffet line in action. Strategize!


I believe this is their Spanish Rice Pilaf.


Baked Beans. Yes, please!


Smoked Chicken — drumsticks, thighs, and backs.


I believe these were Baby Back Ribs. I made guttural noises as I helped myself to as many ribs as I wanted.


Smoked Beef Brisket.


They had that rare treat that’s unique to Kansas City barbecue, Burnt Ends!!! Hog Shack doesn’t have these all the time, so it was great of them to offer these. I call them “meat candy” because they’re morsels of fatty goodness. My favourite pieces were 75% fat, 15% meat, and 10% bark, all drenched in sauce. 😀


Don’t tase me bro!


My plate  (L-R): rice underneath baked beans, “cheesy corn”, pulled pork, a pile of burnt ends, and a couple ribs hidden underneath a couple slabs of brisket. The cheesy corn was an old menu item they brought back for this event. It was basically a creamy, cheesy sauce with corn in it. The Eventbrite description said, “Wear sweatpants”.


Surprising amount of smoke ring action. I thought maybe you needed an all-wood smoker to get good smoke ring, but I guess not. I believe they use wood-assisted electric smoker. There must be some by-law or major economic disincentive that prevents all-wood barbecue places from opening up in the Lower Mainland… The bbq at Hog Shack is probably as good as it gets as far as electric smoking goes. All-wood (like at Podnah’s Pit in Portland — review here) is a whole other level.


Wicca’s plate. Can you hear me now?


Another beer geek t-shirt.


Another diner’s impressive all-meat plate. No time for sides or carbs!


John cracked open the pig’s skull…


…and served the brain. Here it is beside one of the ears. Wicca took the other ear 😛 The ear was basically tough and inedible 🙁


Right-brain. I tried a chunk and it reminded me of sweetbreads. Had a really pasty, mouth-coating quality. I should’ve dipped it in sauce.


Shared a Parallel 49 Lost Souls Chocolate Pumpkin Stout. It was just ok but went well with dessert:


Chocolate Cake. It was McCain’s Deep ‘n Delicious territory…very soft, moist, and sweet.


Congrats Hog Shack on five years!

Now, how do I get rid of this meat hangover?

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