Small Taste of Tableau

I’ve never been to Tableau before, even though I’ve worked down the street for the past few years. I was lucky enough to be treated to lunch there, so I had a little taste of Tableau.

This isn’t really a review…just a few pictures and observations. I didn’t feel like I could draw any firm conclusions on this place, so it might be worth it to revisit this place in the future.


That’s a very French blue colour.


Let’s just say you gotta be making bank if you want to eat lunch here regularly.


So settled on possibly the weirdest lunch ever: Steak Tartare and a dozen East Coast Oysters.


The specials. A few people went with the Squid Ink Linguini.


Bread was quite good. Baguettes are my favourite type of bread. It’s hard finding really good baguettes in this city…subject of a future post/rant ^_^


Someone else’s frites. I tried a few and the outside was dry and tough instead of crispy.


The Squid Ink Linguini daily special. I never understood the presence of pasta in French restaurants but whatever. People seemed to enjoy it. I didn’t delve too deeply into how it tasted…it’s irritating enough taking photos of everything my coworkers ate 😛


A dozen East Coast oysters ($4/ea) that I shared with a work mate. I wasn’t on-the-ball enough to get which variety these were. They were out of West Coast oysters ($3/ea).


Fresh and clean-tasting. I love raw oysters, especially at (slightly cheaper) places like Oyster Express in Chinatown. The oysters at Tableau were well-shucked. No complaints on the flavour.

In the battle between West and East Coast oysters, I say eat both if you can afford it!


Steak Tartare with “pomme gaufrette”, which are basically super-thin waffle fries/chips…structurally weak chips that crumbled under the weight of the tartare 😛 so I had to eat it a little delicately. Tartare was just ok. Needed more seasoning or just better-tasting beef.

Eating this led to a discussion about how it’s impossible to find rare or medium-rare burgers in Vancouver. If restaurants can serve steak tartare, Korean yukhoe (strips of raw beef served with Asian pears) or beef carpaccio, what is functionally different with rare burgers?

Post-lunch cappuccino (not mine).
Post-lunch cappuccino (not mine).

Frankly I’m not in a huge rush to come back here to try dinner. Just not what I’m looking for these days. Not a slight against the restaurant, more of a commentary on how there’s so much to explore in Vancouver these days…

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3 thoughts on “Small Taste of Tableau”

  1. Did not realize this was your first time at Tableau. The mushroom brioche is TASTY if you ever get a chance to return 🙂

  2. I agree, Tableau (and Hawksworth for that matter) is overrated I think. For that price point I think I will pay a little bit more for L’Abattoir which has tastier dishes!

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