Lunch at La Pentola Della Quercia

Kind of a laidback long weekend. We did lunch at La Pentola in Yaletown (in the Opus Hotel). Finally! We’ve been meaning to try this place after La Ghianda closed down.


It was quite dead inside around 1:00pm. There was only one other table occupied — a couple guys talking about BUSINESS crap…”blah blah blah, I think you should present it to the team blah blah blah we had a thousand dollar bottle of wine blah blah blah work hard play hard blah blah blah”…


Brunchy stuff for the hotel guests…


And more Italian stuff.


We were just here for our pasta fix.




Great bread. The waitress said they got a new pastry chef and since then the bread’s improved a lot. Ciabatta on the left and brie/walnut/carmelized onion on the right. Even Wendy loved the brie/walnut/onion bread (cuz she didn’t see any onion bits). I don’t think real Italians dip their bread in olive oil but whatevs.


Linguini Putanesca. Lots of savoury olive/anchovy/caper flavour. Perfectly al dente.


Spaghetti Bolognese. Wendy loved this. Also cooked perfectly. Meaty and tasty.


We had to get Swish Chard with raisins, capers and pine nuts to share. They forgot the pine nuts…


…so Wendy asked about them and they brought out a dish of them. Pine nuts are expensive! We nibbled on a few and brought the rest home and threw them into another swiss chard dish! 😛


I think this says it all…

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