Fucked Up English & Sweet Nut Soup at Bubble Fruity

CORRECTION: Bubble Fruity DOES serve bubble tea. You just have to ask for the bubble tea menu. But they are best known for their dessert soups. I’m gonna leave the rest of the post as-is, as a testament to my rage, confusion and ignorance.

Want food that looks unappetizing but tastes great? Check out Bubble Fruity on Saba Rd near No. 3 in Richmond. What a name! How does one take two words that have clear meanings separately and mash them together into an impossible to parse mess? Ahhh, Richmond…you’re a never-ending source of Engrish pleasures.

And no, they don’t serve bubble tea.


Small place. Parking in Richmond is always a pain, so pay attention to those street signs!


No, they don’t serve bubble tea. I repeat, no bubble tea.


Bubble Fruity actually specializes in sweet Chinese dessert soups.


They also do savoury snacks as well.


What the hell is a “Diced Beef Sandwich”?? I had to find out…


We overheard a woman swearing under her breath that the bank machine nearby was out-of-order. So make sure you bring your cash money.


We got the Walnut Paste, served hot. Looks wonderful.


After a stir it looks even better.


Maybe the red chicken will distract us enough to get this down our throats?


Yeah, you want it, don’t you?

But seriously, this was one of the most delicious sweet nut soups I’ve ever had. Good balance of nuttiness, creaminess and sweetness.


Diced Beef Sandwich. Looks like prison food. Or war rations. Not sure about the napkin. Am I supposed to use it on my face? Or is it a half-hearted doily?


Is this a sloppy joe?


Ah, ok…it’s basically canned corned beef with extra seasoning on toast. I feel so bad for enjoying this. Being a bit drunk helped. I couldn’t imagine ordering this again, nor would I make this for myself at home, even under extreme desperation.

Eating this brought back memories of my mom’s stockpile of corned beef where all the cans looked dingy and rusted even though they were new. If you’ve never had canned corned beef before, imagine taking a pile of decent, mildly-seasoned beef jerky and putting it through the food processor until it forms a crumbly paste. Serving canned corned beef to someone isn’t an act of love, it’s an act of exasperation. It’s a sign that love and resources have come to a withered, stringy end.


Taro Flavour Sago Cream with Pearl. The swirls of white cream reminded me of………

We ordered it to-go but couldn’t resist trying just a bit. Wicca ended up eating half of it before restraining herself.


The taro is actually blended into the soup, so it’s not taro chunks. There’s little tapioca balls too, in addition to the typical black bubble tea pearls. It’s pure, smooth joy flooding your mouth then sliding down your throat. Delicious.


A scene where people eat! Now that’s my kind of show!

We wanna come back to try all their nut soups! Almond, cashew, peanut, black sesame… I’ll probably pass on the sandwiches though.

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2 thoughts on “Fucked Up English & Sweet Nut Soup at Bubble Fruity”

  1. Canned tuna! That’s it! Canned corned beef makes beef taste like canned tuna! It also smells like dog food…

  2. I dont know if you are of asian ethnicity or not, but I assume not because this whole post has a very demeaning and slightly racist tone. “Fucked up english”? Well no shit sherlock your in richmond. One of the more ethnic chinese neighbourhoods in vancouver. I hope you have grown and matured since writing this post and stop judging other people for having “fucked up english”, especially from elderly ethnic women.

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