Still Cheesy After All These Years: Cheesecake Etc.

Back in university, Cheesecake Etc. was THE place to go for dessert, coffee and to just hang out. (Well, Bread Garden was also huge around the same time too… :/ ) After our satisfying dinner at Kalvin’s Szechuan, we felt like doing one more thing before calling it a night so we went to Cheesecake Etc. to satisfy Yosef’s insatiable sweet tooth.

This post won’t be totally in-depth like how I usually do things. As you all know, I’m not really into desserts. The occasional gelato or supremo dark chocolate is nice but I usually swing towards a cheese ‘n charcuterie plate 😉


Man, it’s dark in here… It wasn’t too busy when we got there but it got busier as hung around. Still seems like a popular place. Several people getting whole cheesecakes to-go too.


Just a small selection of cheesecakes for the table 😉 Lit by dual cellphone flashes. All of their cheesecakes are crustless!


Original Cheesecake with Strawberries.


Chocolate Cheesecake with mocha sauce, slivered almonds and whipped cream. I actually ate some of this. As far as cheesecakes go, this was the lightest, fluffiest cheesecake I’ve ever had (aside from Japanese cheesecakes). It’s almost like a mousse instead of a typical dense cheesecake. Not too sweet too, which is a plus. However, I would’ve preferred that we got it without the almonds because they sort of got in the way of me appreciating the pure, delicate flavour of the cheesecake itself. The mocha sauce wasn’t sweet or rich enough to justify being a mocha sauce. But the unsweetened whipped cream was a great accompaniment to the cheesecake.

These little tins of Maldon are available at Les Amis du Fromage (Kits location)! Only ~$1.25 IIRC…

Yes, I had to be the insufferable foodie and whip out my pretentious little tin of Maldon sea salt. I tried some salt on the chocolate cheesecake. Didn’t really work.

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  1. I spent my fair share of late night hours in Cheesecake (and the original Bread Garden too, for that matter, which was much better than it is now, to be fair). Glad to see they are still going strong.

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