Melting the Icy Stare at Icy Bar

We do weird things, like have dessert for lunch. We finally checked out the Kingsway (near Boundary) location of Icy Bar after seeing it burn up Instagram for the last year. I’m not too into desserts so I let Wicca choose and it made me happy to make her happy.


This is one of FOUR locations of the Icy chain. They have another location on Kingsway near Knight, as well as a location at Parker Place (Richmond) and Crystal Mall (Burnaby). This location is on Kingsway, just on the Vancouver side of Boundary.


Asians love free wifi 😉


Open late for your Asian dessert needs. Although our days of late nite Asian desserts with a huge group of friends is long gone, we felt good having a quiet couple’s moment in the middle of the day.


So the logo is a smiling…uh…scoop of ice cream? With a pearl necklace 😛


We used to eat “8 mix icy” so much when we were dating, but for some reason haven’t eaten much of this for years.


Page 1/2 of the mixed icy toppings.


Page 2/2 of the mixed icy toppings. Their full menu is also available online. Quite a large variety of Asian desserts here, so it was a little hard to choose 🙂


We were originally gonna get some tofu-fa but it wasn’t ready yet cuz they just opened for the day.


Some Urbanspittoon reviews mentioned these pancake things. Fresh whipped cream and whatever filling you choose, wrapped inside of a crepe-like pancake. I was thinking I might get a tea egg next time…one of their few savoury options.


Their wifi code 😀 Also looks like strawberries are coming into season.


Durian Pancake. Also came with some strawberries.


The pancake was very soft. Gently sweet but lets the filling speak. The whipped cream was also delicately sweet, allowing the fresh durian chunks to shine.


It’s a like a fluffy, delicious pillow.


Stringy durian parts. It’s natural 🙂 Oh so good. Decadent to have durian and whipped cream, but very light at the same time. Wicca was very impressed and happy with this. We also didn’t mind the durian burps that inevitably happened afterwards 😛


A full-on “Eight Mixed Icy” would’ve been too much for us to handle, so Wicca got a Three Items with Coconut Milk Cup instead. She loved that there was a coconut milk option because she’s not big on stuff with condensed milk.


Toppings were green tea mochi balls, red bean, and taro chunks.


Mochi balls were soft ‘n chewy but we couldn’t really detect green tea, but not a huge deal because as a whole it was great. It’s sorta like a custom Vietnamese che dessert. The taro chunks were a bit mealy, but it’s not really Icy Bar’s fault cuz it’s luck of the draw with taro root. Sometimes you get one that’s creamy, sometimes you get one that’s mealy.

We left happy and looking forward to coming back to try more.

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  1. That durian pancake looks so good! I can’t wait to try it 🙂 what is an eight mixed icy BTW…

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