They don’t need luck at Wishes + Luck on Commercial Drive

I have a made-up category of restaurant that I call “West Coast Modern” that is ingredient-focused, seasonal, local, and small plates-style. I lump restaurants like Farmer’s Apprentice (conflicted review), Burdock & Co. (review, another review), and today’s restaurant Wishes + Luck in that category. Wicca and I went with a bunch of hardcore Instagram foodies to check it out.


Wishes + Luck is part of the newer wave of foodie and beer-worthy restaurants to pop up on Commercial Drive. Other restaurants in that wave would include JamJar (located next door), Tangent Cafe, Merchants Oyster Bar, Kin Kao, Biercraft, and Bandidas.


Yeah, yeah, the name is also part of that trend of naming your restaurant a “word + another word”, like Parts & Labour, Grapes & Soda…I’m blanking on more names right now, but I’m sure you could compile a list of at least 20 Canadian restaurants with the same naming convention.


Drink menu…cuz with their patio, this is the perfect place for a leisurely drink and nibbles to share.


Draft beer list is really small but all local. They were pouring 33 Acres of Ocean. The rotating can was P49’s Tricycle Radler.


The food menu, which of course changes seasonally. You can see their full brunch, lunch, dinner and drink menus on their website.


The bar and open kitchen layout reminds me of Burdock & Co.


We were sitting at a long, narrow table, which you can sort of see in the reflection. It’s a unique sitting situation. A touch uncomfortable but good for small groups of people, couples or even solo diners.


Lonetree Cider. Forgot to ask Veronica how it tasted 🙁


My 33 Acres of Ocean pale ale, an always reliable go-to citrusy pale ale.


I like these shallow wooden bowls.


House Baked Bread with salt and butter. Pretty good job on the bread. Crumb was light and aromatic with a slight sourdough yeast presence. Crust was thin and crisp. Bread with a smear of butter and a sprinkling of sea salt really is the best way to enjoy both bread and butter 🙂


Crispy Pork Bits served with grainy mustard mayo and pickles.


They use hocks and jowls. Tender and delicious. Crispy on the outside. Pickles gave that critical acidity to cut the oil/fat. My favourite dish of the night. I’d be good dropping in for this and a beer.


Smoked Salmon Belly and Avocado on Onion Dill Toast.


Also contained little cubes of cucumber (I think), and watercress and dill on top. A light, silky dish that we all enjoyed.


Roasted Pork Belly with jerk-spiced pork, spring peas, black beans, and turnips.


I enjoyed the peas and black beans in combination with the pork. However, I wanted a lot more jerk flavour to come out. Also, some of us wanted the pork belly to be more tender. Not every pork belly dish needs to be meltingly soft, but I guess in this case the dish would be tastier if the pork was more tender. I probably liked this dish more than everyone else, but I did want more seasoning.

Wishes + Luck did a fine job with our small share dinner. I actually enjoyed the flavours here more than Farmer’s Apprentice. Quietly sophisticated and accessible. A great addition to the Commercial Drive scene.

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  1. Glad the reboot is going well, and that they’re still doing their own baking. I’d only been once in the previous more coffee shoppish incarnation but liked the room and the people who run it very much.

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