Sunday Cider’s Cider Sabbath at The American + Schnitzel and Spätzle at Bestie in Chinatown

The folks behind Chinatown-based currywurst purveyors Bestie have a side business called Sunday Cider. It makes me really happy to think that local BC apples are being pressed and fermented right within city limits (their production facility is near Clark Drive within walking distance of Strange Fellows). They held a one-off cider event on December 11, 2016 (on a Sunday of course) called “Cider Sabbath”:

Cider Sabbath (Facebook event page) was held at The American, which used to be the old Electric Owl space but was taken over by the Boxcar guys across the street as their sister bar. They put in about 8 pinball machines where the main stage was. As a pinball fan, I was very happy.

Note: pinball fans can also play pinball locally at Pub 340 (Gastown),  12 Kings (Kingsway & 12th), and Landyachtz Arcade.

As you enter The American, you’re greeted by this friendly message written in script.

After about 30 minutes after this shot was taken, the place was packed.

Six ciders on the menu. Tasting flights were available but they ran out of glasses when I ordered, so I had to get a couple 10oz glasses instead.

I’d totally fund Sunday Cider’s Kickstarter to buy a new toner cartridge 😛

Bottom part of the menu.

This is more readable. Six ciders. A bit surprised about the Spinnakers ciders because I had no idea this Victoria, BC brewery also did cider. Their brewpub recently had a fire but looks like their actual brewery wasn’t affected.

10oz glasses of Sunday Cider Wild (6.5%) on the left and Spinnakers Tequila Barrel Cider (6%) on the right. It was my first time trying Sunday Cider’s new Wild cider and I loved it. Actually not that wild or funky tasting, what I did get was a delicious dryness and clean flavour. The Spinnakers Tequila Barrel Cider was more funky, oaky, but could use (way) more tequila — but then that’d probably up the ABV by a lot 😉

Merch table.

OMG these glasses are coming home with me. They’re thin-walled with a thick-ish base.

Cough toner cough. I bought a set of two glasses for $15.

These apples were free 😀 which I didn’t realize until afterwards. As I was about to leave the event, these two kids ran up and asked me if they could have an apple. “Uhhhhh, sure, why not? Just one!”, I said while looking around for no one in particular.

The burger menu. They were serving Campagnolo Upstairs’ famous dirty burgers! You’ll have to follow their Instagram account to see when dirty burgers are available at The American, cuz it’s not all the time.

What up, B?


The Robert Belcham Dirty Burger ($10) aka “RBDB”. Dry-aged neck meat that gives your insides a beefy hug. Comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and “special sauce”. The size of this burger is just right. You know that mantra, “quality over quantity”? Just keep repeating that to yourself while eating this 😉 You can get a double-patty one (or heck why not two burgers?) if you have a bigger appetite.

Interestingly, they use a different, softer bun for these Dirty Burgers. The ones actually served at Campagnolo Upstairs use a crusty Scotch bap bun (previous reviews of the Dirty Burger here and here). This bun is softer and a touch sweeter, but totally works, and tastes and functions great. Goes to show that when you have amazing beef and flavour inside, it can work with different kinds of buns. While the Scotch bap Dirty Burger has the feeling of decadent class, the soft bun version feels like the kicky assiest fast food burger ever.

The cider didn’t make me into a better pinball player, unfortunately.

If you’re interested in Sunday Cider’s events, keep an eye out on their Instagram feed.

I still had room in my stomach and energy for more stuff, so I went to Bestie a few blocks away to try their special Sunday-only schnitzel…

Schnitzel Time at Bestie

Cuz I like to browse Instagram looking at food while eating food, I was reminded that Bestie has been doing “Schnitzel Sundays” for the past while. Luckily they had Superflux Colour & Shape IPA (6.8%) on tap! So juicy and citrusy, with a touch of grassy zing. Hazy Vermont-style IPAs are the hottest thing here now, but what the heck it tastes good regardless of the hype.

Schnitzel Sunday!

Pork Schnitzel Plate ($14) with spatzle and broccolini. The schnitzel at Vancouver Alpen Club/Deutsches Haus is just ok. This stuff was great. Delicately fried, not greasy at all, and moist. Mildly seasoned but still flavourful.

When I used to make spatzle at home, I made it super chewy (which I like). This spatzle was on the softer side but still very delicious. Almost a light ‘n fluffy spatzle.

Moist, tender pork. That mustard gravy finished with sour cream was heavenly. Balances on that line between richness and lightness. This is the kind of gravy you could drink straight. You don’t actually overtly taste the dijon mustard in the gravy — it’s more of a subtle note.

Hot damn!

If you go, go early cuz they sell out fairly fast. I’ll probably see you there.

Bestie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Addendum: Anyone remember the Hungarian schnitzel place on Fraser? Or maybe Main? In the 90s? I think they moved to Hastings and Boundary for awhile before shutting down. Anyways, when they were open on Fraser, *that* was a defining schnitzel moment for me. Huge, crispy. They also had strudel with tons of poppy seeds in it. You’d shit poppy seeds afterwards 😛

4 thoughts on “Sunday Cider’s Cider Sabbath at The American + Schnitzel and Spätzle at Bestie in Chinatown”

    1. YES! Budapest Cafe! And it was on Main St, actually in the same space that El Camino’s is right now. Thank you so much for remembering! That’s an itch that’s now scratched 😀

  1. Oh so craving a langos now! That was my fave thing at the ‘Pest. Last had it for lunch with Mum before they moved. Memories!

    Happened to be at Bestie with the fam the evening Dennis was there and can vouch for both the schnitzel platter and the Superflux C&S. Chuffed they have it in cans now too, though the SO swears it’s just a leetle bit better on draft.

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