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Cacao! Bean-to-Bar Comes to Vancouver: East Van Roasters


Is it worth it to be so fussy about chocolate?

Single-origin chocolate? Wooo, hoo, la-di-fuckin’-da, you hipster!

I’m not a huge fan of sweets or dessert, but I do love some plain dark chocolate once in a while. Maybe a dark chocolate with chili added 😉 I love the single-origin, bean-to-bar concept. You get to taste chocolate in one of its purest forms, without distraction. Doing side-by-side tastings is super fun and you’ll be amazed at the different flavours and sensations going on with chocolate from different regions. One of my few previous experiences with true single-origin, bean-to-bar chocolate was Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco (as described in this SF post). Amazing chocolate. So when I learned that Vancouver has its own bean-to-bar chocolate place, East Van Roasters, I had to check it out! Continue reading Cacao! Bean-to-Bar Comes to Vancouver: East Van Roasters