Small Lunch at Chewies Coal Harbour

Finally made it back to Chewies (facebook) since I tried it two years ago. Pork belly crackling and fried chicken!


Pork Belly Cracklin’ ($10). Tastes almost the same as Chinese roast pork (the other kind of pork that you see hanging in the window at Chinese BBQ places). Plum/sweet ‘n sour dipping sauce. I only ate a few pieces and brought the rest home for a nice late night snack 🙂 Execution-wise not near the top-tier Chinese BBQ level…the skin wasn’t blistered or crunchy enough, plus it could’ve been cook a bit longer to make it a bit more tender.


Southern Fried Chicken ($18) with gravy and buttermilk mash. Cooked to order. I even saw a cook taking chicken pieces out of the buttermilk marinade and dredging them in flour.


Chewies fried chicken from two years ago.
Chewies fried chicken from two years ago.

Still juicy inside but outside not as crispy/crunchy as I like it, and not quite the same as what I had two years ago…

I’m hoping they do their brunch-time chicken and waffles in the old way, where they finished it off in the oven after deep frying. The way it came this time, I enjoyed the juiciness but was disappointed with the coating.

The search goes on!

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