Crack Cocaine on a Crust: Pizzeria Farina


Whenever people ask me about pizza in Vancouver, my first and last answer is Pizzeria Farina. Their New York/Neapolitan hybrid really lights my fire.


They have different specials pretty much every week. This one was their white anchovy, olives, mozzarella and basil special.


I’ve only had white anchovies a handful of times, but if I had to describe them they’d be the milder cousin of the more common anchovies seen on pizzas.


Obligatory pizza upskirt. If you have a pizza porn habit that must be satisfied, check out Slice on Serious Eats (NSFW).


The motherlode of all pizzas: the Finocchiona. I consider this to be Pizzeria Farina’s masterwork. Balance and excitement, all in your hands. (Their white sauce Pistachio & Mortadella pizza is also a favourite!)


This time the crust wasn’t that spotted on the bottom, but it still tasted great. Reheats well on a pizza stone or using the Serious Eats griddle/skillet technique.


It might seem simple, but all the elements really work together to create a delicious mouthful that lacks nothing. The super-thin, slightly crispy, enjoyably chewy crust…the tangy San Marzano tomato sauce…that combination of provolone and parmesan cheese…hunks of perfectly seasoned fennel sausage…aromatic basil…and those sweet hot peppers! Those peppers play such an important role. They might look like an innocuous wallflower of an ingredient but I think it’s the key ingredient in the flavour of this pie. They’re not overly spicy at all, but give a zing that just sings!

If sparks don’t go off in your head while eating this, sorry…you’re dead inside.

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