Korean Rice Burgers at Kobob Burger on Main St.

I saw this place across the street from Campagnolo and thought, “Middle-eastern kebab burgers?!” After closer inspection and some googling I realized it was Korean rice burgers, and nothing to do with kebabs.


Just up a couple blocks from Main St. skytrain station.


I kinda like the logo. It works. The sign says it all.


Le menu. Not just burgers, they also have pajeon, bibimbap and ramyun. It must bring all the young Korean students to the yard.


Now they’re speaking my language! 😛 I like the photography-related knick-knacks around the shop.


Hey, it’s the girl who did up my order! And the guy who was doing stuff in the back!


There was this weird pole sticking out of the floor. I guess they put it to good use.


Now you know the explanation of their name. I’m more used to “rice” being written “bap” though…


I got a spicy pork and a bulgogi burger to-go.


All wrapped up tight in side. Good logo, no?


DON’T DO THIS! We actually unwrapped the entire spicy pork burger before eating and ended up with spicy pork on rice. Still tasted good but was less fun to eat. We hated the inclusion of iceberg lettuce, which just turned limp and gross inside the burger. Why didn’t they just use kimchi instead of lettuce? You’d think that would be a no-brainer ingredient for all their burgers. Could use a bit more meat as well, but we liked that there was lots of corn and pickled radish.


The bulgogi burger. Just unwrap the top and start eating like a normal intelligent person. Unwrap as you go.


We were disappointed that the rice part was just mushy rice compressed into a bun shape, instead of a grilled rice bun like you might’ve seen at Mos Burger in Japan. (See how to make a grilled rice burger at home.) But I guess having the rice so mushy is that it stays together without having to grill it into a solid shape. And I do like how they’ve gone the extra mile by putting black sesame seeds in the rice.

So, it tastes good enough and for $6 it’s priced fairly. But I dunno if I’d go back…just not thrilled enough by it.

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One thought on “Korean Rice Burgers at Kobob Burger on Main St.”

  1. The burgers look fairly standard but I’m sure it’s quite unique having a rice patty for the bun. Fairly common concept with the MOS franchise in Japan and South East Asia.

    It seems the bun got a little soggy from the meat sauce?

    Won’t be unwrapping my burger haha.

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