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Brassneck x Four Winds Head-to-Head Beer Pairing Dinner at Wildebeest

Wildebeest totally made up for their “Budweiser incident” (background info here and here from late May 2016) by putting on this great Brassneck vs Four Winds beer pairing dinner — a Southern-style menu by Chef Alessandro Vianello paired with beers from arguably the best two breweries in BC! Five courses and 10 beers for a very reasonable $69 (plus tax and 18% gratuity). There are actually a lot of these kinds of beer-pairing dinners going on if you know where to look, but I usually pass on them because I’d end up poor! But this one I couldn’t refuse.

I didn’t take any notes, so my writeup isn’t as detailed as usual. I was more into just enjoying the food, beer, and company that night. Actually, I’m lying. I took two little notes, which I’ll bury in this post.

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#EatTheWall: Mexican Tortas at Molli Cafe

For the next while, I will endeavour to eat all the cuisines whose race/culture that the Orange One has insulted or referenced over the past year:

  • Mexican
  • Punjabi (Indian/Pakistani)
  • Muslim
  • Chinese
  • African-American
  • Ukrainian
  • Jewish

I had some Southern fried chicken at Big Al’s pop-up at The Lion’s Den Cafe recently, so that takes care of African-American for now. I think if I eat at Efendi Uyghur on Kingsway (Globe & Mail review here), that’ll take care of both Muslim and Chinese 😀

For today, I re-visited Molli Cafe to try out their tortas. I tried their tacos before (pretty good) but my torta itch was only lightly scratched with the tortas from TK Sub Cafe so I was hoping Molli Cafe would do a better, more satisfying job.

In short: my stomach was VERY satisfied but the itch for tortas still remains.

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Lunch Quickie: Poke Guy doesn’t need to fish for compliments

2016 was the year of poke mania, with all these places that are either open or slated to open this year:

This list doesn’t include existing restaurants that already serve poke. Oka-San Japanese Kitchen on Fraser comes to mind. It’s no exaggeration to say that poke is the most hyped-up food product of 2016.

I love sushi and sashimi, and love buying fish and uni from places like Fresh Ideas Start Here and do my own pig-out sessions at home. So when all these poke places started opening up, I wasn’t in too much of a rush to try them out. Luckily, it appears that the only new poke place that is doing it right (by actually marinating their fish in sauce) is The Poke Guy at 420 Richards St. — love that address.

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Dim Sum Quickie: Chef Tony in Richmond

We met up with a small group of foodies for dim sum at Chef Tony in Richmond. In attendance was Calgary blogger/Instagrammer Miss Foodie (who helped me out a lot last time I was in Calgary) who was in town for the past week or so, positively eating up a storm. It was mine and Wicca’s first time at the award-winning Chef Tony.  This is higher-end dim sum, which puts it in the same bracket as Kirin, Grand Dynasty, etc. But with almost 200 items on the menu, our visit showed that it’s hard to get everything consistently good, not even factoring in individual tastes. Same as with my review of Double Double (which is located in the same plaza, Empire Centre), restaurants usually aren’t entirely good or entirely bad. It’s a bit of a quest to find the right dishes for you, accolades or awards be damned. 😉

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Lunch Quickie: Slight Sadness at Sal y Limón

Something’s not right here…Sal y Limón in “Fraserhood” has been around since 2012 and has perpetual lineups, but reviews of them are all over the place. Some gushing praise, some bitter disappointment. I guess it’s expected with a place so freaking popular, that every Tom’s Harry Dick is gonna get on Z*mato or Welp and wax lyrical about those big-ass burritos. Here’s my take on this place after eating seven tacos.

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Chicken Fight IV: Bourbon BBQ Wing Competition at The Bimini Pub in Kitsilano

I was invited by epicmedia (Donnelly Group‘s PR company) to judge their 4th Annual Chicken Fight bourbon bbq wing competition:

Today's the day. Our annual #ChickenFight starts at 4pm.

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It was my first time doing anything like this. All the judges got free wings and beer, so why not?

Kitsilano area restaurants were invited to participate, and each team got 20 lbs of wings and a bottle of Jim Beam Apple Bourbon to use in their recipe. This year’s teams:

Unfortunately, lots of other restaurants backed out this year, including Au Comptoir and Fable 🙁 booooooo!

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The Jukes of Hazzard: Juke Fried Chicken

Juke in Chinatown has been open about 5 weeks. There’s this thing about food blogging/food reviewing that you shouldn’t review a place the first x it’s been open — that “x” could be a week, a month, whatever…that value changes depending on who you talk to. I break that rule all the time. One part of me understands that restaurants always need time to work out the kinks, to smooth out their processes and staffing, settle into their “vision”, what have you. The other part of me feels that I don’t want to be a guinea pig, spend hard-earned cash money, waste my time, or waste a dining opportunity with so much out there to try. So I waited more than a month to try Juke. I think I have a pretty good idea about their food and can judge accordingly. You may like it. You may love it. I didn’t.

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