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A Tale of Two Mac ‘n Cheeses: Milestones vs Kessel&March

Whatever your feelings about Vancouver Foodster, he was running a Mac ‘n Cheese Challenge and mac ‘n cheese is a GREAT THING. I didn’t get to try at least three kinds (minimum required to be able to vote in the contest) but I did manage to try two…Milestones and Kessel&March. First up, Milestones on Robson.

*Contest is over and winners have been announced here. Kessel&March won in the Media Judge category! 🙂 Continue reading A Tale of Two Mac ‘n Cheeses: Milestones vs Kessel&March

What Does an $8 Sourdough Loaf Taste Like? Nelson the Seagull in Gastown

I was stuck in a bread rut, always going back to Swiss Bakery’s par-baked baguettes. Great baguettes with an almost-thin but robust crust and (on a good day) a crumb with great varied crumb structure and deep, complex, satisfying flavour with a hint of natural sourdough tang. I said “on a good day” because some batches seem to be deeper and richer than others. I’m not sure what magical yeasty voodoo happens in the back room at Swiss Bakery, but sometimes when I buy their par-baked baguettes (either from Swiss Bakery themselves or at Les Amis du Fromage), they taste a bit flat and one-note, but other times they’re a gorgeous, sweet, rich, multi-sensory experience.

Well, anyways, I’m now on the lookout for another bread experience that really hits my bread button. So after buying chocolate from East Van Roasters, I came across Nelson the Seagull, which is a cafe in Gastown that also bakes their own bread. Continue reading What Does an $8 Sourdough Loaf Taste Like? Nelson the Seagull in Gastown

Cacao! Bean-to-Bar Comes to Vancouver: East Van Roasters


Is it worth it to be so fussy about chocolate?

Single-origin chocolate? Wooo, hoo, la-di-fuckin’-da, you hipster!

I’m not a huge fan of sweets or dessert, but I do love some plain dark chocolate once in a while. Maybe a dark chocolate with chili added 😉 I love the single-origin, bean-to-bar concept. You get to taste chocolate in one of its purest forms, without distraction. Doing side-by-side tastings is super fun and you’ll be amazed at the different flavours and sensations going on with chocolate from different regions. One of my few previous experiences with true single-origin, bean-to-bar chocolate was Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco (as described in this SF post). Amazing chocolate. So when I learned that Vancouver has its own bean-to-bar chocolate place, East Van Roasters, I had to check it out! Continue reading Cacao! Bean-to-Bar Comes to Vancouver: East Van Roasters

Put a Nerd on It: Portland Trip Megapost – August 2012

This was our third wonderful trip to Portland. “Beervana” indeed. Another case of waaaaay too much to do and not enough time. In fact, I got a bit overloaded towards the end. Too much of a good thing is a good problem to have…?

This is another post dug out of my personal Facebook account — too good to be left in the walled garden! AFAIK, all the places I visited are still open, so all this info still applies today if you thinking of planning a trip. The one exception is Amnesia Brewing, whose brewpub location got sold and the brewery moved to Washington State (more details here). Continue reading Put a Nerd on It: Portland Trip Megapost – August 2012

Mikkeller / Three Floyds Risgoop Beer Giveaway


Congratulations to twinkienic of Between Snacks for winning a beautiful bottle of Mikkeller Risgoop! It was a fun contest, I might do it again! 😉

To celebrate the launch of this blog, I’m giving away a bottle of semi-sorta-not-really-rareish Mikkeller / Three Floyds Risgoop (2012), a barleywine that uses rice! I haven’t even tried this one, but it would make me so happy to share it with one lucky beer geek. Read the RateBeer and BeerAdvocate reviews if you want to learn more about this beer. I bought this during my last trip to Alberta, from the great Sherbrooke Liquor Store in Edmonton. Now you can enjoy it! Drink it now, cellar it, or gift it to a special someone.

Continue reading Mikkeller / Three Floyds Risgoop Beer Giveaway